TaDa Greeting Cards

Many people may a bit surprised to find us involved in greeting cards. We’ve spent most of our years working in the high-tech field in Silicon Valley, establishing strong reputations in the business world. Ivy is an award-winning graphic designer and has worked for some of the biggest players in technology, while once serving as the art director for Chevron’s magazine. Mark is a communications consultant, former Business Week writer and published author; he once served as a national media spokesman for Intel.

But looks can be deceiving, and we’ve been intrigued with greeting cards since we were kids. Back then, our parents were all big letter writers and card lovers. This was eons before the computer and Internet, and the way they communicated.

Truth is, we love greeting cards, and everything they stand for–the emotional appeal, the human connection, the legacy and the history. We’re joined by talented designers, writers and project managers with an equal zest for this field. Our mission is to provide our customers more high quality choices, and new ways to personalize their cards. We truly believe “style matters” when it comes to cards and that our customers should be able to personalize it to their own tastes, with their own photos. We believe greeting cards say something about you, your character, your dreams and wishes.

Hope you enjoy the blog, and welcome you to our site: TaDaChristmasCards.com


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